Week of August 12, 2018

Sunday: Sunday Service, 11 am | Adult Sunday School, 10 am

Wednesday: Why Jesus? Women's Meeting, 12 noon

Friday: Corporate Prayer, 7 pm

Saturday: Ice-Cream Social, 1-3 pm | Most Excellent Way, 6-7:30 pm

Ongoing: Victory Garden Project (volunteers needed)


Aug 23: Prayer Gathering @ Bethesda Christian Church, 7 pm

Aug 24: Steve Parker @ LHCF, 7 pm

Aug 25: Steve Parker @ LHCF, 11 am

Aug 26: AWE Prayer Gathering, 6:00-7:30 pm @ Warren Community Church

Sep 13: Neighborhood Association Meeting, 7 pm

Sep 22: Convoy of Hope @ Durfee Middle School

Sep 23: Charles Strohmer @ LHCF, 11 am

Oct 1-6: Life Remodeled

Oct 31: Harvest Party, 6-8 pm

Nov 1-3: CCDA National Conference, Chicago, IL

Pastor John Helvey

John and Cynthia serve as Associate pastors at LHCF. They were part of the original church planting team which was sent from the Fishermen's net in 1997.

Pastor John grew up in Roseville, Michigan. He rededicated his life to Christ in 1982 and for many years was part of the Sunday school team at the Fishermen's Net. For three years he and Cynthia ran a coffee house to help Russian-Jewish immigrants with language skills under the covering of a sister church. Pastor John plays the bass guitar, enjoys music, art and the outdoors. He has been employed at United Parcel Service since 1987.

Cynthia grew up in Detroit. She was born again in 1980 at the Fisherman's net while attending art school. She has been involved in teaching children since 1976 and in children’s ministry since the early 1980's. She has been involved in the art community in Detroit since 1976 and has exhibited in many local galleries and some churches with the intention of bringing glory to God. She also teaches art in a public high school in Clinton Township, MI.

Pastors John and Cynthia are always amazed with the beauty and diversity of God's incredible creation, which is a reflection of His Glory. They look to the future in Christ with great hope and expectation.