Pastor Mike Osminski

Mike Osminski is the senior pastor of Lord of the Harvest Christian Fellowship (LHCF) in Warren, Michigan. The church was planted out of the Fisherman's Net Church of Utica, Michigan, in 1997.

Mike had previously served as associate pastor at the Net. LHCF obtained property in the Eight Mile-Schoenherr area in 1999. Mike also serves upon the leadership team of Masterbuilders, an apostolic stream of churches located throughout the United States, with the main concentration of churches east of the Mississippi River. Masterbuilders is also in relationship with churches in Puerto Rico, Haiti, and other Latin American locations. He ministers in eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Mike's vision is to be a "bridge" church, one that unites the city and the suburbs and various ethnic groups under the authority of the Lord, with a heart to see His kingdom purposes advanced in this region. He also has a passion to see a tangible manifestation of the city-church realized in an authentic fashion, so that revival, apostolic destiny, and societal transformation are released in this area.

What's Happening

Week of May 29, 2016

May Calendar (pdf)

Current Week's Bulletin (pdf)

Sunday: Sunday Service, 11:00 am; Bible Study @ 10:00 am

Tuesday: Corporate Prayer Meeting, 7:00 pm

Wednesday:Why Jesus? Women's Meeting, 1:30 pm

Friday: Corporate Prayer Meeting, 7:30pm

Most Excellent Way, 7:30 pm

Ongoing: Victory Garden Project (volunteers needed)


Jun 10: Detroit Partnership Love Fest Grocery Prep @ Gleaner's Community Food Bank

Jun 11: Detroit Partnership Love Fest @ Various Locations

Jul 15: Masterbuilders Regional @ LHCF, 7:30 pm

Jul 16: Masterbuilders Regional @ LHCF, 9:00 am

Jul 17: Neil Silverberg @ LHCF, 11:00 am

Aug 1-6: Life Remodeled @ Denby High School

Aug 13: Summerfest @ Shaw Park